min-content is a value that can be used to define the size of HTML elements. It can be applied to properties that accept sizing values, such as width and height. The min-content value can also be used to size grid and flex layout elements.

When using the min-content value, the element will be sized to fit its content while ensuring that the box is not smaller than the content. For example, if the content is text, the width of the box will be the width of the longest word, and the rest of the content will be wrapped to fit within the box.

See the Pen min-content by majadc (@majadc) on CodePen.


An example of using the min-content value is applying it to the width of a <figure> element to decrease its width to fit the size of the image.

See the Pen min-content – example by majadc (@majadc) on CodePen.

To size the grid layout elements, you can use the min-content value to fit the header and footer to their respective content.

See the Pen grid: min-content by majadc (@majadc) on CodePen.



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