Installing Subversion Plugin in Aptana Studio 3

In order to install the Subversion Plugin (subclipse) in Aptana you need to have the Aptana Studio 3 already installed.

In the Aptana Studio 3 go to Help -> Install New Software…Click the button Add…. Next put the Subversion update link in the “Location” field:

You can find different releases of subclipse plugin here

Type in a name in the “Name” field and hit the OK button.

Installing subclipse in Aptana Studio 3
After the installation you need to restart Aptana.

You can find SVN Repository Perspective under Window -> Open Perspective -> Other …
and View under Window -> Show view -> Other …


SVN command in Aptana Studio 3


If you will get error about not finding ” Subversion Revision Graph” you need to install org.eclipse.draw2d plugin first. Draw2D is part of GEF, update site:

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