The CSS data type apples to distant measurements for the following CSS properties: width, height, margin, padding, font-size, border-width, text-shadow etc.. There are two types of length units: relative and absolute.


:nth-last-of-type() – pseudo-class | Selectors Level 3 The :nth-last-of-type(an+b) selects last child of its parent element but this child elements is of the specified type. The pattern (an+b) for selected children works the same as for :nth-of-type() but the counting begins form the bottom parent element.


:nth-of-type – pseudo-class | Selectors Level 3 The :nth-of-type(an+b) allows you to select one or multiple elements according to their positions in their parent element. It works similar to nth-child() pseudo-class but with :nth-of-type pseudo-class you select the same type of tag. The :nth-of-type() takes only designated children elements, counts them and matches to the […]


:nth-last-child() – pseudo-class | Selectors Level 3 The :nth-last-child(an+b) works similar to nth-child() pseudo-class. The difference is that :nth-last-child selects elements from bottom of the parent element. It also accepts the “even” and “odd” values as arguments.