Tag: CSS pseudo-classes


:link– pseudo-class | CSS Level 1 The :link selects links that have not been visited. This selector targets <a> elements with href attribute, even if href attribute is empty. Syntax :link { color: blue; } The :link pseudo-class selects only <a> elements and only with href attribute. So :link styles have no effects in following […]


:active – pseudo-class | CSS Level 1 The :active selects an element that is being activated by the user with left mouse button or keyboard tab key. The given style is visible only for short time between mouse down and mouse up event or key down and key up event. Syntax element:active { style properties […]


:nth-last-of-type() – pseudo-class | Selectors Level 3 The :nth-last-of-type(an+b) selects last child of its parent element but this child elements is of the specified type. The pattern (an+b) for selected children works the same as for :nth-of-type() but the counting begins form the bottom parent element.


:nth-of-type – pseudo-class | Selectors Level 3 The :nth-of-type(an+b) allows you to select one or multiple elements according to their positions in their parent element. It works similar to nth-child() pseudo-class but with :nth-of-type pseudo-class you select the same type of tag. The :nth-of-type() takes only designated children elements, counts them and matches to the […]