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The :link selects links that have not been visited. This selector targets <a> elements with href attribute, even if href attribute is empty.


:link {
    color: blue;

The :link pseudo-class selects only <a> elements and only with href attribute. So :link styles have no effects in following examples:

<div>I am a div element.</div>
<p href="#">I am a paragraph with a href attribute which is invalid in the HTML.</p>
<a>I am the a element but I don't have a href element.</a>
<div href>I am a div element with empty a href attribute</div>

Selecting all <a> elements with and without a href attribute can be done by using only the <a> element:

a {
    color: blue;

If the :link is listed with the :visited, :hover and :active, the :link must be placed at the top of the list before other pseudo-classes.

a:link {
    color: blue;
a:visited {
    color: purple;
a:hover {
    color: green;
a:active {
    color: red;



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